IPS for business
is a non-cash payments and transfers, including using a single QR code
Member banks
Send and receive instant payments and online transfers
Our services are based on modern technology that allows you to transfer funds between clients instantly
Instant crediting of funds for goods and services to a bank account or e-wallet. Instant availability of funds increases the turnover of funds and reduces the risks of a cash gap.
Customer just need to scan a QR code in the application of a bank which is one of the IPS members and confirm the purchase and payment for the services.
Guaranteed receipt of funds after the payment.
The commission fee is no more than 1% of the payment amount regardless of where the funds come from and the savings on acquiring compared to payments by bank cards.
How payment works
By QR code:
the sender opens the application of the IPS member bank and scans the QR code
Instant crediting
The sender opens the application of the IPS member bank and makes a transfer using simplified identifiers
Instant crediting
State services:
The sender opens the application of the IPS member bank and pays for state services
Instant crediting
How to join
To make a payment, you must be a client of one of the IPS member banks and have access to its business application
Become a client of the bank
Accept and send payments
Install the application
If the buyer uses QR payment, how quickly will the money be credited to my merchant account if the buyer’s account is opened in another IPS member bank?
The money, regardless of the issuing bank, will be credited to you instantly, i.e. your account balance will increase immediately after payment.
I sell vegetables, I am the individual entrepreneur, can I accept customer payments using a single QR code?
Yes, of course, you need to contact one of the IPS member banks so that you can receive funds using the IPS service.
What commission fee will I pay, if I accept payment using a single QR code in my business (flower sales)?
You will pay 1% commission fee per a transaction, for example, a bouquet of flowers costs 6,000 tenge, the commission fee will be 60 tenge, of which the IPS commission fee is just 0.1%.
I have accounts at several IPS member banks. Which bank will be my money credited to?
The money will be credited to your account at the bank where you applied to activate the QR code payment service via the IPS.
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