IPS for private customers
is an opportunity to instantly make and receive transfers by phone number
Member banks
Accept and send instant non-cash payments and transfers
Our services are based on modern technology that allows you to transfer funds between clients instantly
Instant transfer of funds by mobile phone number
Instant payments throught QR-code
Payments and money transfers by phone number only
The commission fee is not more than 10 tenge
How to use
Instant crediting
Download the application of the Member Bank
The service is immediately available when paying in the application of the IPS member bank
Make a transfer
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Available services
Transfers by mobile number
Just open the application of the IPS member bank and make a transfer
All IPS member banks
If I have cards/accounts in several banks, where will the transfer be transferred to?
If you have several cards/accounts in different IPS member banks, the sender of the transfer will be offered to choose where to send the transfer after entering your phone number.
Can I transfer my own funds between my accounts?
Yes, you can enter your own phone number and send a transfer to your own account at another bank.
Can I send and receive transfers by phone number only to cards, or to other types of accounts as well?
To send or receive a transfer, you must have a valid account with the IPS member bank to which your phone number is linked.
I misspelled the phone number when sending a transfer. What can I do?
Each IPS member must have the opportunity to return the transfer within 24 hours of receiving the money. You can contact the owner of the mistakenly dialed number and ask him/her to make a refund. The IPS system does not guarantee a refund, it depends on the person who received the transfer. In case of refusal to return the money, you can contact your bank.
I received a transfer and then a stranger called me with a request to return the money. What should I do?
If you really did not expect any cash receipts, and the caller claims that he sent you money by accident, use the "Return transfer" button. In this case, the exact amount of the transfer will be returned exactly to the bank account from where it was sent. Never agree, if you are asked to return the money by sending it to another phone number/requisites — it could be a scam! The refund button is available 24 hours after the transfer has been received.
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